Character Description
Age 40s
Gender Female
Title Ducchess of Sayles
Ethnicity Lumateran (River)
Alias Lady Abian, Abie
Physical Description
Skin colour Tanned
Hair Colour Dark
Eye Colour  ???
Height Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Celie, Talon, two others
Other relations Froi (adopted son)
Significant Other August (husband)
Allegiance Lumatere
Residence Sayles
Lady Abian is Lord August's wife and mother of Celie and Talon. She comes from the River village of Tressor, like Trevanion. She is also close friends with Lady Beatriss, Queen Isaboe and Tesadora of the Forest Dwellers, and is the adoptive mother of Froi.

Biography Edit

Lady Abian grew up in Tressor, and was the daughter of a fishmonger. Sometime in her early adulthood she married Lord August of the Flatlands and had four children by him: Celie, Talon, Duret and Ren. In Finnikin of the Rock it is revealed that she looked after Finnikin just days after his birth. During the days of the unspeakable she, August and the people of Sayles took refuge in the Valley of Tranquillity, and later settled in Belegonia where Lord August served as an Ambassador for Belegonia. In Finnikin of the Rock Abian is first introduced properly when Finnikin, Trevanion, Evanjalin, Sir Topher, Froi, the Priestking and the Guard come to Lord August's home to seek sanctuary and plan their return to Lumatere. She immediately recognises Evanjalin to be Princess Isaboe, the heir to Lumatere, but does not reveal Evanjalin's true identity to Lord Auguat until they have almost reached the Valley of Tranquillity. After the reunification of Lumatere Lady Abian develops close friendships with Tesadora of the Forest Dwellers and Lady Beatriss of the Flatlands, and also becomes a close friend of the new Queen Isaboe.

Lady Abian and Lord August adopt Froi into their family shortly after returning to Sayles, and Abian treats Froi as if he were her own son. Three years after the reunification of Lumatere, Froi leaves for a secret mission to Charyn (though Abian believed he was travelling to Sorel on palace business) and Abian promises to celebrate his birthday upon his return. Abian later expresses worry over Lady Beatriss' wellbeing and is present when Beatriss stands up to Lord Nettice and buys the village of Fenton.

In Quintana of Charyn Abian expresses concern to Isaboe about Froi's absence and Celie's business in Belegonia, and voices regret after hearing Isaboe's answering bitter words. She attends the meeting held between Finnikin, Isaboe and the Priestking concerning Quintana of Charyn, Froi and Charyn's curse. Neither Abian nor August have any idea that Celie is spying in Belegonia for Lumatere and they are not told of this by those who do know.

At the end of the novel Lady Abian travels to Charyn with Lord August, Lucian, Finnikin, the Priestking and others to attend the presentation of suitors for Quintana of Charyn and present Froi as a suitable candidate. She meets Froi's Charynite family and later celebrates together with the other Lumaterans and Charynites in private in the godshouse.

Physical appearance Edit

Lady Abian has the looks of the Lumateran River People.

Personality Edit

Abian is spirited and shrewd.





Lady BeatrissEdit


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