Character Description
Age 22
Title Lady Celina May of the Flatlands
Ethnicity Lumateran (from the River and Flatlands)
Alias Lumatere's Greatest Spy
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale
Hair Colour Fair
Eye Colour Blue
Height Average (Slight build)
Mother Lady Abian of the Flatlands (originally from the River)
Father Lord August of the Flatlands
Siblings Lord Talon of the Flatlands

Lord Durent of the Flatlands

Lord Ren of the Flatlands

Lord Froi of the Flatlands - Consort of Quintana of Charyn (Adopted)

Significant Other Valentien Banyon (In love with)
Allegiance Royal House of Lumatere
Residence Village of Sayles - Lumateran Flatlands

Belegonian Palace

Lady Celie of the Flatlands is the eldest child of Lord August and Lady Abian, and is the central character in the short story Ferragost.


As a young child she grew up playing with Princess Isaboe, Prince Balthazar, Lucian of the Monts and Finnikin of the Rock. Finnikin claims that Lucian used to bully her. Celie was around nine years old when the Five Days of the Unspeakable occurred, and fled with her family and their village of Sayles to Belegonia, where her father was given the position as a Duke and an Ambassador for Belegonia.

During the next ten years Celie grew up in Belegonia, and formed a close acquaintance with the Belegonian Royal Family - especially the Princesses. She also developed a fondness for history and literature, a passion which she shares with Isaboe and Finnikin. Once the curse on Lumatere was lifted, she returned to Lumatere with her family. However, with Isaboe's permission, she frequently visits Belegonia, where she has taken it upon herself to be a spy. This greatly worries her parents, but has proven to be very beneficial for Lumatere. So far no one has suspected her of any wrong doing in Belegonia, except for the Castellan of the Isle of Ferragost - Valentien Banyon - who Celie is in love with. He is yet to  reciprocate these feelings. 

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