Charyn is located in the east of Skuldenore. It is bordered by Sarnak to the north, Lumatere and Osteria to the west, and Sorel to the south. It borders the Ocean of Skuldenore to the east. 


Charyn's terrain is very dry and rocky.


Charyn is governed by a monarch and twelve Provincari who help make decisions for the Kingdom. The Provincari each rule a Province where they live. 


  • Paladozza (ruled by De Lancey)
  • Nebia 
  • Jidia (ruled by Orlanda)
  • Alonso (ruled by Sol)
  • Serker (formerly-- now a deserted wasteland)
  • Sebastabol
  • Desantos
  • Valley of Phaedra (new--ruled by Harker)
  • Avanosh (new--ruled by Vincenzo)


Charynite people are short and slight in build and seem to be inhibited and quieter than other races.  

The Serkers were the original inhabitants of the kingdom. Their province lies in the centre of Charyn.

The Nebians once hailed from the kingdom of Sorel, hundreds of years ago.

The people of Paladozza and the Citavita came from Sendecane in the time of the Ancients.



  • When a Charynite is thirteen years old, they choose the god who will guide them for the rest of their life. 
  • In Charyn dancing is considered a 'seduction'. Hips beckon while arms are in the air and they never lose eye contact with their partner.  
  • When eating, flat bread is used to gather up the food in a meal.     

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