Character Description
Name Cora
Age unknown
Gender Female
Title None
Ethnicity Charynite
Alias None
Physical Description
Skin colour Unknown
Hair Colour Dark
Eye Colour Unknown
Height short
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Kasabian
Children None
Other relations N/A
Significant Other None
Allegiance Quintana of Charyn
Residence Valley of Phaedra
Cora is one of the Charynite exiles settled in the Valley between Lumatere and Charyn. 


Cora was originally from one of the lesser provinces of Charyn. She married a man whom she hated, but found that she could not give him children. This made her bitter, and she felt as if she were useless. Then Charyn was cursed, and Cora felt that the curse had set her free as all the other women were infertile now just like her. She left her husband, taking with her only four Klin tree seeds, a tree that is said to flower hope. She returned to her brother Kasabian, who lived on a farm outside Jidia, and they grew a 'garden of wonder'. Cora found that she had a gift with the land, that she could speak to it.

One day drought and plague covered the land. The crops stopped growing and Cora and Kasabian had no food to live on. They were forced to travel north, to Alonso, leaving behind the Klin tree, which had not flowered hope. But Alonso refused to have them, and they went instead to the valley between Lumatere and Charyn. Cora befriended Phaedra of Alonso, but was scathing of the other women in the valley. She called Ginny 'Lady Lazy Muck' and Florenza and Jorja the 'Ladies of the Sewer'. She and other valley dwellers began to grow their own vegetable patches on the Charyn side of the stream, but they kept on being destroyed by the Mont boys who came into the valley and made mischief there, scaring the women. After the Mont boys stopped their mischief, Jory became a guard to Phaedra, and Cora grew a liking for him.

When Quintana of Charyn fled to the Valley, Cora and the women faked their own deaths to protect her. At first Cora hated and feared her, for Quintana was a savage and unpredictable, but gradually she grew fond of her. She nicknamed Quintana 'our little savage'. After Quintana was restored to the palace, she sent Cora some Klin seeds, recalling that Cora liked them and wanting to thank her.


Cora is small and slight like most Charyn women. 


Cora is very sarcastic and scathing towards most other people besides her brother, Phaedra and Jory. Before Charyn's curse she felt bitter and 'useless' because her womb was barren, but when the curse occurred she felt as if she had been freed because now all women were 'useless'. Cora speaks her mind and can be very blunt when speaking. 



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