Finnikin of the Rock
Character Description
Age 23
Gender Male
Title The Queen of Lumatere's Consort (King)
Ethnicity Lumateran (from Rock and River villages)
Alias Sir No Sword and Three Knives (Isaboe),

Trog Boy (Lucian), The Ginger King, The Queen's Consort, Little Finch, Finn

Physical Description
Skin colour Pale
Hair Colour Berry Red/Gold
Eye Colour Blue
Height Tall (Lanky build)
Mother Bartolina of the Rock (deceased)
Father Trevanion of the River - Captain of the Queen's Guard
Siblings Vestie of the Flatlands (Step-sister)

Evanjalin (Half-sister, stillborn)

Children Princess Jasmina of the River

Un-named son (stillborn)

Other relations Celestina (Great Aunt)

Evanjalin (Paternal grandmother, deceased)

Lucian of the Monts (Cousin, by marriage)

Phaedra of Alonso (Cousin, by marriage)

Lady Beatriss of the Flatlands (step-mother)

Significant Other Queen Isaboe of Lumatere (Wife)
Allegiance Lumatere
Residence The Royal Palace of Lumatere
  Finnikin is the only child of Trevanion of the River and Bartolina of the Rock.  


Early LifeEdit

Finnikin's mother Bartolina died in childbirth, and therefore he was raised by his father Trevanion who was the Captain of the King's Guard. When his father was training, Finnikin was looked after in the Rock Village by his Aunt Celestina, his mother's aunt. Finnikin spent most of his childhood playing with Prince Balthazar and the Prince's cousin, Lucian of the Monts. The three of them used to make pledges and enjoyed playing games - especially the one to capture the legendary silver wolf. Princess Isaboe, Balthazar's younger sister and Lady Celie of the Flatlands, were often part of their games. 

One night, when Finnikin was nine, he had a dream where he had to sacrifice himself for Lumatere. The next day, he made Lucian and Balthazar stand on the Rock of Three Wonders, at the crest of his village and make a blood pledge to protect the royal house of Lumatere. Balthazar pledged to die protecting the Royal House of Lumatere, Finnikin pledged to be their guide and protector for as long as he lived, and Lucian pledged to be their beacon.

Three days later, the day of the Unspeakable occured. The King, Queen and older Princesses were found slain by Trevanion. Finnikin was devastated and guilty when Isaboe was found torn to shreds in the Forest of Lumatere, as he secretly believed that he was responsible for the deaths of the royal family, because he had had desires of what he would have wanted to do if he was to be king instead of Balthazar.

Finnikin watched the chaos of the Days of the Unspeakable from his Rock Village, and his Great-Aunt Celestina said that it was the end of the world. After Trevanion refused to prostrate himself before the Impostor King, the new king punished him by accusing him and his betrothed Beatriss of the Flatlands of treason, sentencing Beatriss to death and Trevanion to life-long political imprisonment. Finnikin was present when the sentence was passed, and later recalls that it took three men to hold down Perri the Savage. On the day Serannona was to be executed, Finnikin and Sir Topher were there in the square where it would take place. As Serannonna burned, she cursed Lumatere and her words caused the earth to crack in half for a time. To end her suffering, Finnikin climbed up a tree and threw his dagger at Seranonna, stabbing Serannona in the heart and killing her instantly.

Later, in the Valley of Tranquillity, Perri the Savage gave Finnikin his father's sword to keep, and put Finnikin into the care of Sir Kristofer of the Flatlands, the King's First Man.    

Childhood In ExileEdit

Finnikin spent the next ten years in exile in the care of Sir Topher, the King's First Man.

When Finnikin was twelve years old he and Sir Topher were visiting Osteria in the invitation of their Osterian Ambassador when Finnikin came across his first exile camp. He was horrified by the conditions of the camp, and asked Sir Topher how to say 'feed my people'. But Sir Topher and the Ambassador refused, because they were a guest of the King of Osteria and didn't want to offend him. Finnikin learnt the words from one of the servants, and one day he approached the King and his officials and said, 'Feed my people,' and threw a rock at him to get his attention. They arrested Finnikin and he spent a month chained to a dungeon wall before the Ambassador could secure his release. But the people were fed, and after that Sir Topher began to teach Finnikin all the politics and languages of every kingdom in the land.

Finnikin became worried that his people would have 'no further record of existence', so he began work on his own Book of Lumatere. This book recorded the stories of people in exile and the number of exile camps in the land. It also recorded the number of Lumaterans found dead in exile.

Meeting the novice EvanjalinEdit

Finnikin wakes from his sleep after hearing the name 'Balthazar' whispered while he was sleeping. He wakes Sir Topher, and they travel to the Cloister of Lagrami in Sendecane. There they meet the Priestess, blessed Kyria, who tells them of a girl, Evanjalin, a survivor of the Sarnak massacre, who came to them two springs past, and claims to walk the sleep of the people trapped within Lumatere, including that of Lumatere's missing heir to the throne. Finnikin is greatly disappointed, for he hoped to find Balthazar, his old friend, there. Immediately he resents Evanjalin, and is annoyed when Sir Topher agrees to take Evanjalin with them when they leave Sendecane.

Evanjalin claims that they must go to the Kingdom of Sorel, and Finnikin is aghast, for Sorel does not treat foreigners well. But Sir Topher agrees, so they travel to Sorel, going through Sarnak and Charyn. In Speranza, a town in Sarnak, Evanjalin and Finnikin go to buy supplies for the journey when Evanjalin runs away. Finnikin chases after her, and he finds her confronted by a group of thieves. They fight the thieves, and Finnikin is surprised and suspicious of the ease with which Evanjalin attacks the thieves using his father's sword. Later he realizes that he was annoyed that Evanjalin had taken charge. The next day, Finnikin wakes to find Evanjalin gone, and realizes that Evanjalin has returned to Speranza to find the thief who stole her ring. Sir Topher orders Finnikin to go after her, and with some reluctance, Finnikin does. Finnikin finds Evanjalin and the thief in an alley, and confronts the thief about Evanjalin's ring. The thief says that he pawned it. Evanjalin is furious. Finnikin decides to take the thief with them, for if they do not, the thief would come after them with a group of thieves.

Sir Topher agrees to take the thief with them to Sorel, and the group travels through Charyn, where they meet a camp of Lumateran River exiles. They stay the night there, and Finnikin tells the story of how his father and Lady Beatriss of the Flatlands fell in love. Later, the leaders of the camp tell them that Lord August, now Ambassador for Belegonia, had stopped in the camp and wanted Finnikin and Sir Topher to come to Belegonia to discuss the future of Lumatere. Finnikin does not want to go, and argues with Sir Topher about this, but Sir Topher makes him go, and tells him to bring Evanjalin with him.

At the home of Lord August, Finnikin speaks to him, and demands an audience with the King of Belegonia. Lord August refuses, saying that the King has no interest in carving up his land, but would sponsor them if they return home to Lumatere. Finnikin is angered and frustrated by this, as he believes that Lumatere is lost forever and that the only hope for their exiles is a piece of land from Belegonia. Lord August says that if Finnikin tells him information that he does not already know, then the King will help them. Before Finnikin can respond, Evanjalin speaks for the first time. She confirms Finnikin's and Sir Topher's suspicions that is was the Charynites that murdered the Lumateran Royal Family, and that they did so to invade Belegonia. Both Finnikin and Lord August are stunned at her words. Then Evanjalin surprises Finnikin even more by asking August if he would return to Lumatere if he has nothing to go back to. Lord August says yes. Outside August's home, Finnikin turns to Evanjalin and demands to know about her vow of silence. Evanjalin shocks him even more by replying in the Belegonian tongue. This makes Finnikin even more suspiscious of her, and he believes that she is no simple novice. 

The Mines of SorelEdit

As they enter Sorel, they have to pass the inspection of the Guards. Finnikin passes them unnoticed, but Evanjalin is noticed and is forced to her knees as the guards stick their fingers down her throat, checking for disease. Finnikin is furious and wants to stop them, but Sir Topher snaps that he is putting her life at risk, and that stops Finnikin.

When they set up camp in the forest, Finnikin follows Evanjalin as she walks near the edge of a cliff-top, and warns her not to go too far away. She asks him what he is thinking, and Finnikin realizes that she wants to know his hopes and dreams. He tells her of his life as a child in Lumatere, and stories of the royal family. Finnikin begins to trust Evanjalin. 

Later, Finnikin notices Evanjalin looking tense and worried. He goes to ask her if she would join them listening to Sir Topher telling stories of his travels with the King, but all she says is, 'Bend to their will, and keep yourself alive.'  Finnikin begins to ask her what she means, but is interrupted by Sir Topher calling anxiously to him as two armed soldiers arrive on horseback. They demand to know who is the one among them who has been claiming that he is the heir to Lumatere. Sir Topher says that they are only merchants, and that they have no one they want. The soldiers ask, 'Is this the one?' Finnikin believes that they are referring to Evanjalin, and he steps in front of her, saying, 'She is no-one.' But they nod, and Finnikin turns to see that Evanjalin is pointing at him. Feeling betrayed, Finnikin is arrested and taken to the Mines of Sorel.

In the Mines, Finnikin is reunited with his father, Trevanion, who tells him of Evanjalin's visit to his cell the night Finnikin arrived. He says that Evanjalin told him to escape with Finnikin from the Mines. Trevanion wants to see Finnikin free, but does not want to escape himself. Finnikin objects to this, saying, 'I go nowhere without you.' He realizes with bitterness that Evanjalin wants to free Trevanion, and that he has 'walked right into her plan.' 

Speranza and the Exile CampEdit

Finnikin spends five days in the Mines. After their escape, Finnikin is furious with Evanjalin for betraying him. He refuses to speak to her. In the town of Speranza, Finnikin wakes to find Evanjalin gone. He is told by the stableboy that there is an exile camp east of the town, and Finnikin immediately realizes that this is where Evanjalin must have gone. When he arrives at the camp he is almost overwhelmed by the size and despair of the camp. A man bumps into him and begs him not to forget them. He tells Finnikin that the Priestking is there in the fever camp. Finnikin walks away, shocked, his hand over his mouth. Finnikin finally finds Evanjalin in the camp, a dead babe in her arms, searching for something. She explains that she is searching for the babe's mother. She died earlier, the babe attached to her breast. She finally finds where the mother lays, and Finnikin takes the babe from her and leaps down into the grave pit and places the babe in the arms of its mother. Sorrow consumes him, and his eyes fill with tears. Evanjalin tells him not to cry, 'for if we cry, our tears will never end.'

Finnikin and Evanjalin then go to see the Priestking. Finnikin notices how different the Priestking looks from when he was in Lumatere. After a brief conversation, the Priestking dismisses them, and Finnikin turns to go, but Evanjalin tells the Priestking that Sir Topher and Trevanion are in the area. The Priestking then agrees to speak with them. On the way back to Speranza, Evanjalin chooses to walk by the river, saying that it has nice scenery. Finnikin cannot see anything nice about it. The river is crowded with the slave traders from Sorel and their slaves. Finnikin realizes why Evanjalin wanted to walk by the river when he sees the thief from Sorel among the slaves for sale. The thief sees him looking and mouths the words 'kill me'. Finnikin begins to do so, but Evanjalin stops him, saying that they are going to steal the thief. Finnikin reluctantly agrees.

When the thief is bought by someone, Finnikin and Evanjalin follow him and manage to steal him from the buyer. Evanjalin tells the boy that she owns him now. When they return to the inn in Speranza, Evanjalin tells Sir Topher that she has thought of a new set of bonds for the boy like he suggested once. She then says that the boy's name is 'Froi'. Finnikin argues with her, believing that the thief is just saying 'boy' and he has a cut lip and therefore is saying the word wrong. Evanjalin just says that everyone has to have a name.

They tell Sir Topher and Trevanion of their meeting with the Priestking and the group return to the camp to speak to him. This meeting results in the Priestking and the exiles leaving the camp and journeying to Belegonia to be cared for by Lord August as per Trevanion's instructions. When it comes to deciding whether to take back Lumatere or find a second Lumatere, Finnikin realizes that he wants to return to Lumatere, and he is heart-broken when his father doesn't want to. However, after a conversation with Evanjalin in which she explains her gift of walking the sleep and why she believes they should return to Lumatere, Trevanion is convinced and decides to return to Lumatere, but says that first he must find his Guard who he believes are living in one of the rock villages in Yutlind. Thus the group begin the journey to Yutlind.  

Search for the Lumateran GuardEdit

Searching for the Guard one night, as Finnikin, Evanjalin, Sir Topher, Trevanion and Froi sleep in an abandoned barn, Evanjalin wakes and calls out to Sir Topher. As the others wake, roused by her voice, she tells them that ‘they may not be dead.’ After piecing the sleeps together, she explains that she believes that during the five days of the unspeakable, the novices of Sagrami were smuggled to safety inside the Kingdom walls through the east gate, and are now hiding the young girls of Lumatere.

In the town of Sif, Trevanion and Finnikin talk to the Captain of the Myrinhall to ask him to let them join them on their journey through the mouth of the river Yack. The captain advises them to ‘leave the young and old behind. Especially the girl’. He says that he ‘won’t be responsible for what my men or the Yuts want from the girl’. Finnikin and Trevanion then decide to leave Evanjalin, Sir Topher and Froi behind and return for them after they have found the Guard, believing that the journey will be too dangerous for them. Finnikin especially does not want any harm to come to Evanjalin. However, when they tell the others of their plans, Evanjalin objects to them. Finnikin tries to persuade her, telling her of the dangers, but ends up getting into a fight with Evanjalin about it. The fight ends with Evanjalin saying, ‘Really? What bothers you? That I found a way of getting your father out of the mines while you left him there to rot for years?’ This statement silences Finnikin and he is left wondering whether his father believed that he was a ‘coward who left him languishing in the bowels of Hell’. Sir Topher tells Finnikin that the group must stay together, and so they go onto the ship.

Finnikin is furious at Evanjalin for most of the sea voyage and is satisfied that Evanjalin is forced to spend most of her time vomiting over the side of the ship. However, he still feels compelled to watch over her, afraid that one of the crew might take advantage of her.

As the Myrinhall sails down the river Yack, the ship is attacked by the Southern Yut warriors. Arrows shoot towards the ship, and the captain is killed. Finnikin and Trevanion shoot back at the Yuts as the crew try to turn the ship around. At first Trevanion tells Sir Topher and the others to stay with the ship, but when more Yuts are seen shooting arrows from the trees, and some are seen swimming towards the ship, Trevanion tells the group to get off the ship and onto the east bank. Finnikin goes to where Evanjalin and Froi are hiding behind some crates to make sure they do as told. When Froi shows reluctance to leave, Finnikin grabs him by the hair and shows him the battle, and helps him over the side of the boat. He then helps Evanjalin, who cannot swim. Sir Topher then goes, helping Evanjalin. As Finnikin and Trevanion turn to help the crew fight off the Yuts, one of the crew tells Finnikin to ‘climb the mast and turn it around or you’ll never get them to safety.’ Finnikin climbs. At the top of the mast he loosens the sails, and sees that Sir Topher, Evanjalin and Froi have made it to the east bank and are hiding there. He also sees his father finish fighting and go over the side of the boat to join the others. The Yuts see Finnikin clinging to the mast, and shoot at him. Finnikin falls into the water, and is dragged to the east bank by Trevanion.

The group is forced to spend the night in the river water because the Yuts have them surrounded. Finnikin tells Sir Topher that he can speak to the Yuts, and tell them that they come in peace and acknowledge their right to Yutlind Sud. However, Evanjalin says that these Yuts are not speaking common Yut. She distracts Finnikin as Trevanion wrenches the arrow from Finnikin’s body.

For the next few days, Finnikin is consumed by fever and dreams of Seranonna and how he killed her while she was burning at the stake. Evanjalin, refusing to give up as Sir Topher and Trevanion have, stands and walks towards the Yuts, risking her life to plead for Finnikin’s life. It works and the Yuts leave them alone. The Yuts eventually lead the group to the rock where the King of Yutlind Sud lives. The group spends a happy couple of days there. Finnikin, Froi and Evanjalin hang out with Jehr, heir to the throne of Yutlind Sud. Evanjalin teaches Finnikin how to speak native Yut.

The group arrive in Pietrodore. The town is heavily guarded and Finnikin has to act as Evanjalin's betrothed under pretense that they were prosecuted for their union and they wanted to find a town that was pure enough for their marriege. The group split up to try and find an inn to stay in. Trevanion and Finnikin are shunned by the innkeeper because they are foreigners. Trevanion and Finnikin meet up with Sir Topher, Evanjalin and Froi to find that neither of them could find lodgings. Evanjalin and Finnikin then go to fill up their water flasks in an alley. Finnikin then gets into a fight with a tall man who turns out to be Moss of the River, one of the former King's guards.

Finnikin goads the big man, and they fight until Evanjalin reveals who Finnikin is by screaming, 'Finnikin, how long is this going to take? You promised me roast pork.' Moss lets go of Finnikin, and he and Trevanion have a heartwarming reunion in the square. Later, Moss takes the group to meet the rest of the Guard, who are staying in the inn. At first they are received with suspicion, but then Perri recognises Trevanion and they are welcomed. Then Trevanion announces his intention to take back Lumatere, and a celebration ensues.

Reclaiming Lumatere

Finnikin joins the Guard for training for the battle to retake Lumatere. He feels that he needs to prove himself to them, that he can fight as well as they can. He also realises that he has to work a lot harder for praise from Trevanion and Perri than he does when learning other things from Sir Topher. Finnikin notices that when Evanjalin watches from a balcony, all the men, including himself, are more violent and fight harder than if she were not there.

One day after practice, Evanjalin questions whether Finnikin is really meant to be in the King's Guard. She believes that he is meant to be in the King's court. Finnikin is furious with her, and tells her not to think of such a think. He then goes into the bathhouse where Aldron suggests that Evanjalin and Froi travel with him so that Finnikin can travel with Perri and Trevanion. Finnikin refuses to think of such an idea, not wanting to be parted with Evanjalin, and distracts the Guard by changing the topic of conversation. 

That night, Finnikin, Sir Topher, Trevanion and the Guard hold a meeting. They count the number of Lumateran refugee camps there are in Skuldenore and discuss the Charynites' role in the murders of the royal family. Finnikin is surprised to hear that Perri and the Guard got themselves arrested to be with Trevanion at points during their exile. When Trevanion suggests taking the information of Charyn's intention to invade Belegonia to the Belegonians, Evanjalin arrives, and objects to that plan, because it would spark a war which would include all the kingdoms in Skuldenore. She convinces them that Balthazar is still alive and that her gift is real.

The group travel to Belegonia. On the way, they encounter a group of exiles originally from the village of Ignatoe who the Priestking refuses to leave behind. But the exiles are unwilling to join them out of guilt and bitterness, and eventually Finnikin and Evanjalin convince him to leave them behind.

The group go to Lord August's home in Belegonia to ask for his aid in reclaiming Lumatere. Because of the need for secrecy, the group sneaks into the house at night. Finnikin points a knife at August and asks if the can trust him, but he is distracted by August offering his firstborn son. Later, all present in the house gathered in the salon. Finnikin is surprised tho find the Village of Sayles there, and regrets his bad thoughts about Lord August. The people discuss the unspeakable, the murders of the royal family and the persecution of the Forest Dwellers. They also discuss the curse on Lumatere. Lord August says that if their heir does not survive the breaking of the curse, Sir Topher would be appointed King instead. Finnikin realises that if he were King, he would make Evanjalin his Queen.

At the crossroads in Belegonia, Finnikin and the others hear of a mass grave at the border of Sendecane. Finnnikin, Trevanion, Sir Topher, Perri and Moss go to investigate, leaving Evanjalin, Froi and the Priestling in a barn near the crossroads. The group sees the mass grave and are horrified by what they find. Days later, Froi appears at the inn where they are staying, and says that the Priestling and Evanjalin are dying. Horrified, Finnikin returns with Froi to the crossroads, and prays to the Goddess Lagrami that if she spares Evanjalin he will make a blood sacrifice, and will never doubt the Goddess again. Thankfully, when he arrives, Evanjalin and the Priestling are alive and recovering, and Finnikin kisses Evanjalin, not caring who is watching. They spend the night together, apart from the rest of the group.

The next day, Evanjalin is accused by Perri of lying about walking the sleep, and he demands to know what else she has been lying about. She freely confesses that Balthazar, the heir to Lumatere, is dead, and always has been. Finnikin is furious at her for lying to him, and feels betrayed. He threatens to curse her with sedition when they arrive in the Valley of Tranquillity.

In the Valley, Evanjalin leaves the group and goes east, and Froi follows her. After making the blood sacrifice that he had promised Lagrami, Finnikin realises that he is meant to follow Evanjalin and that he may be the King that Serannona's prophecy refers to. He goes east, and the other follow him. Finnikin and the group arrives at the Osterian-Charyn border. They discover a group of Lumateran exiles being held captive by the Charyn army, and they rescue them with help from Lucian of the Monts and his kin. They then go to the Monts' encampment in the Osterian Hills, and Finnikin tells Yata about Evanjalin. Yata urges Finnikin to bring Evanjalin back to her people.

Lucian and Finnikin follow Perri and Trevanion across the river to the Charyn army's barracks, wanting to help rescue Froi. Though furious when they find them, Trevanion and Perri allow them to join them. After locating Evanjalin, the group rescues Froi, and they return to the Osterian side of the river. At the foot of the hills, Lucian realises that Evanjalin is really Isaboe, the youngest daughter of the old King and Queen. Both Finnikin and Lucian pledge their fealty to her.   Finnikin and Lucian take Isaboe to meet her uncle and grandmother, and witness the reunion that takes place. On the return journey to the Valley of Tranquillity, Finnikin rides with Isaboe and guards her. He convinces Lucian to make a blood pledge with him to protect the royal family of Lumatere, as Balthazar had so many years ago. In the Valley of Tranquillity Finnikin spends time with the Guard and trains some of the boys they had rescued from the Charyn army on the Charyn-Osterian border. On one day, he talks to the Priestking and Sir Topher. Sir Topher explains how he knew who Evanjalin was and why he kept it from Finnikin. The Priestking suggests that Finnikin was being prepared to be a King.

Finnikin goes to Isaboe and tries to convince her to not go through the main gate, without success. Then he and Isaboe decide to go through the main gate now. Before they go, Isaboe announces to her people her choice of successor if she does not survive the main gate, and that the two goddesses are to be worshipped complete. After this, Isaboe and Finnikin walk to the main gate. At the main gate, Isaboe begins to lose courage, and confesses to Finnikin that she blames herself for the deaths of her family, because she and Balthazar used go through a gap in the kingdom walls near the main gate to see the unicorn in the Forest of Lumatere when the enemy was watching them and the enemy used that passage to enter Lumatere and assassinate the royal family. Finnikin tells Isaboe that it was not her fault. The couple open the main gate by cutting their palms open and placing their bloodied hands on the gate together. Finnikin distracts Isaboe from her fear by telling her again the dream he and Isaboe had created of himself and 'Evanjalin' living in a farm in the Flatlands.

Isaboe warns Finnikin not to succumb to the darkness and despair when he sees the images Isaboe had seen when she walked the sleep. However, as the smoke from the tempest goes through Finnikin, and he sees every single sleep the novice Evanjalin walked and feels all the deaths of the Lumaterans who were killed by the Impostor King he cannot help but be angry. Then Isaboe absorbs the darkness from him and collapses, unconscious. Finnikin walks through the now open main gate with Isaboe in his arms, and is stunned to find himself in a 'blazing hell'.  

Stopping in a burning meadow somewhere in the Flatlands, Finnikin is disoriented and briefly thinks that he is dead. Soon, a small white-haired woman driving a cart full of girls arrives and orders Finnikin to give her Isaboe. Not knowing who she is, Finnikin refuses to let Isaboe go until Perri the Savage comes and tells Finnikin to do it, for the woman is Tesadora of the Forest Dwellers and is possibly the only person who can save the Queen now. Finnikin then places Isaboe in the cart.

Finnikin then joins his father in the battle to reclaim Lumatere. At one point during the battle, he is almost killed by a Charynite soldier, but is saved by one of the men from the village of Ignatoe. When Saro of the Monts falls in battle, Finnikin guards Lucian as the Mont goes to his father and grieves for him.

Reunification of LumatereEdit

After the battle, Finnikin watches the Impostor King and his men be sent to the dungeons. Much later, Finnikin tells his father what occured at the main gate, and tells Trevanion how the assassins forced the old King to watch as they murdered and raped his wife and daughters. He expresses his horror that Isaboe saw it when she walked the sleep of a Lumateran soldier who witnessed the murders. Finnikin then breaks down sobbing and Trevanion is unable to comfort him.

Finnikin returns to the Rock Village, where his Great-Aunt Celestina weeps with joy at his return. The people at the Rock fuss shyly over him, and at first Finnikin thinks that it is because he is one of the few exiles from the Rock. Then, when Aunt Celestina asks him if it is true that the Queen has chosen him to be her King, he realises the truth, but is unwilling to admit it.

Finnikin spends the next days travelling across Lumatere and accounting for every one of their citizens based on the last census, as Sir Topher asked him to. He talks to fellow countrymen who had been trapped in the kingdom during the curse, and hears their stories. Finnikin records these stories in the Book of Lumatere so that they will not be forgotten.

One afternoon Finnikin goes with Sir Topher to Lady Beatriss' home in Sennington to complete the census there. While comparing censuses, Finnikin notices that Beatriss wants to say something but doesn't until Sir Topher is gone. Beatriss tells Finnikin how Tesadora and Seranonna helped her escape death and return to Sennington. She tells him that she cannot love his father now because of what she went through during the curse.

When Finnikin, Sir Topher and Trevanion hear of the poisoning of the Impostor King and his men, they immediately suspect Tesadora and visit her where she is staying in the Sagrami cloister near the border of Sendecane. However, Tesadora tells them that the poisoning was ordered by the 'highest office in the kingdom' and expresses satisfaction over the Impostor King's death. Finnikin realises who she means and rides towards the mountains to confront Isaboe. When he catches up with her he is furious, and argues with her over her decision to execute the Impostor King and his men. Isaboe asks him to marry her, but he refuses. Finnikin goes to far when he digs his fingers into her arm and makes her cry, and Perri grabs him and threatens him with guard duty on the border with Sendecane if he ever behaves that way towards the Queen again. Finnikin then walks away, and makes a point of avoiding Isaboe wherever possible.

Becoming the Queen's ConsortEdit

Over the next few weeks Finnikin drafts Lumatere's new constitution and searches for Froi in Sarnak because Froi has suddenly gone missing. Finnikin visits the Rock, the Mountain and the Flatlands and it is said that he can been seen 'wherever the Queen is not'. While visiting the Monts one night, Finnikin dreams that he is to sacrifice the rest of his life for the royal house of Lumatere. When he wakes up he tells Yata of the dream and she is unsurprised. She tells him to return home to the palace, and gives him a parcel to give to Lady Beatriss. Finnikin goes to Sennington, and is uncomfortable when he realises that Tesadora and Lady Abian are visiting Beatriss, but Beatriss encourages him to stay. Finnikin realises that the parcel contains clothes meant for him to wear to the party celebrating the reunification of Lumatere. The women help Finnikin dress appropriately for the event, and Tesadora roughly combs and cuts his hair.

Upon reaching the party at the palace, Finnikin admits his intentions of proposing to Isaboe to Froi, Trevanion and Lucian of the Monts. Perri tells Finnikin that if he does not return from Isaboe with a title, he will drop Finnikin on the head like he used to do (accidently) when Finnikin was a baby. Lucian promises to stand at Finnikin's side when it is time to show the Monts' support and approval of the marriage.

Finnikin reaches Isaboe, who is being guarded by Aldron. He agrees to become Isaboe's King on the condition that he meets with the Prince of Osteria when he visits, and they declare war on Charyn without involving Belegonia. Isaboe accepts, and the couple kiss passionately as Lucian makes his way to Finnikin's side to show his support as he promised Finnikin he would.

Hours later, Finnikin and Lucian sit on the roof of a palace cottage with Isaboe lying asleep between them, talking of the past, their parents and Balthazar and Isaboe, and their years in exile. As dawn lightens the sky the Priestking sings the Song of Lumatere, as he promised Finnikin he would if Finnikin agreed to marry Isaboe. Finnikin wakes Isaboe, so that she may hear the Priestking's song. Then the couple return to the palace to spend their first night there as husband and wife, and King and Queen.

Years as Queen's ConsortEdit

A year after the reunification of Lumatere, Isaboe gives birth to Jasmina, and Finnikin becomes a father. Isaboe begs Finnikin to kill Jasmina if the Charynites ever invade Lumatere again, so that Jasmina would not be raped by Charynites. Three years after the reunification of Lumatere, Finnikin and Isaboe send Froi to Charyn to assassinate the Charynite King. 

Physical appearanceEdit

Finnikin has pale skin and ginger hair much like his mother's. He is described as a 'skinny trog' by Lucian. His voice sings like those from the River.



Skilled in combat









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