Character Description
Age 21
Gender Female
Title Japhra of the Flatlands
Ethnicity Lumateran
Physical Description
Hair Colour Sable
Height Short (Stout build)
Other relations Tesadora of the Forest Dwellers (mentor)
Significant Other Rafuel of Sebastabol
Allegiance Lumatere
Residence Valley of Phaedra
 Japhra is one of Tesadora's apprentices, and a gifted healer.  


When Japhra was twelve years old she was raped by the Imposter King's men. Her spirit was crushed, but she was saved by Lady Beatriss who smuggled her out of the palace and took her to Tesadora. From that time, Japhra began studying herbs and became a talented healer and midwife under Tesadora's tutorage. 

Once the curse of Lumatere lifted, Japhra fell in love with a Charynite scholar and assassin -- Rafuel of Sebastabol. According to her, he helped heal her broken spirit and viewed her not as broken but as gifted and gods' blessed. Rafuel was sent to Lumatere to find the lastborn of Charyn (Froi), but in order to get Froi to Charyn, Rafuel needed to seek an audience with Isaboe and her guard.

To get an audience, Rafuel took a knife to Japhra's throat - which got him arrested by Lucian and the Monts. However this did not phase Japhra and they continued to see each other.  

After the final battle in Quintana of Charyn, Rafuel is beaten almost to death by the camp-leaders and left for dead somewhere in Charyn. It is presumed that Japhra and Rafuel never see each other again. When Froi questions Japhra about whether she misses Rafuel, she replies that they each have their own loyalties and paths in life and that she was grateful to Rafuel for healing her broken spirit.

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