Character Description
Age Unknown (at time of death)
Gender Male
Title King of Lumatere
Ethnicity Lumateran
Alias King Carles
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Sky-blue
Children Evestalina, Jasmina, Rosamund, Balthazar, Isaboe
Other relations The Impostor King (cousin)
Significant Other Tilda (wife)
Allegiance Lumatere
Residence Lumateran Royal Palace
King Carles was the previous King of Lumatere.

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

One day while riding through the mountains, he encountered a Mont girl who stole his heart. They married after some time and had five children together, Jasmina, Evestalina, Rosamund, Balthazar and Isaboe.

At some point during his reign, Carles was confronted by an anguished Trevanion, who had lost his entire family to invading barbarians from beyond Skuldenore. The situation with the barbarians had been plaguing Carles' mind and to try and come up with a solution, he had Trevanion arrested under the pretense that he was demanding an apology from him. He visited Trevanion each night in the dungeons to come up with a plan to stop the barbarian raids. Eventually, he and Trevanion struck a deal, that if the King released Trevanion, he would choose forty of the best fighters in Lumatere and put an end to the plundering. Trevanion was ultimately successful in defeating the barbarians and Carles had Trevanion instated as the new Captain of the Guard.

The former Captain of the Guard, the King's cousin, fled Lumatere and took refuge in Charyn, where he plotted with the old Charyn King to assassinate the Lumateran royal family and invade Lumatere.  



During the days of the unspeakable, when Charyn assassins snuck into the palace, he was forced to watch as they raped his Queen and three eldest daughters before killing them all. He was said to have been the last to die.

Physical appearanceEdit

Carles had blue eyes and brown hair like those of the Lumateran Flatlands. 

Personality Edit

He is described as kind, jolly and noble, as well as a good king.  

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