Alda: a Mont and a relation of Lucian's. She hates the Charynites and is furious at Lucian when he speaks well of them in Froi of the Exiles. 

Orly: a Mont. Owns a bull named Bert.

Lotte: Orly's wife. Owns a cow named Gert. 

Potts: a Mont.

Yael: Lucian's cousin and Jory's father. He stands with Lucian even when the rest of the Monts seem to lose faith in him.

Sandrine and Constance: Monts. First introduced in Froi of the Exiles, Sandrine and Constance follow Lucian down to the Valley one day and refuse to come back up the Mountain. 


Tarah: A member of Beatriss' village, Tarah is close friends with Beatriss and stays with her even as others in the village leave.

Samuel: Tarah's husband.


Lord Selric: Former Lord of Fenton. Died in exile during a plague in Charyn.

Makli: A member of the village of Fenton. He and his family lived with Lord Selric in exile and witnessed his and his family's death from plague. 

Genova: Makli's wife.

Kie: Makli and Genova's son.

Other VillagesEdit

Castian: A Lord of the Flatlands.

Nettice: A Lord of the Flatlands and Vestie's father.


Tuscan: A Lord of the Flatlands.

Artur: A Lord of the Flatlands.

Freychinet: A Lord of the Flatlands.

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