Lumatere is the main setting in the Lumatere Chronicles. 


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Lumatere is located in the middle of Skuldenore, and is bordered by Sarnak to the north, Charyn and Osteria to the east and Belegonia to the south.


Lumatere is made up of  the mountains, the flatlands, the forest, the rock and the river. Compared to Charyn, which is dry and rocky, it has 'lush green grass and thick rich silt' covering the Flatlands and river villages.   

Notable Places

Palace of Lumatere: Where the royal family live.  

Palace Village: The village surrounding the palace.  

Forest of Lumatere: The forest which stands just outside the kingdom walls, close to the palace village. It is home to the forest-dwellers and the novices of Sagrami.  

The Mountain: The home of the Monts, who guard the border between Charyn and Lumatere. 

The Rock Village

Sayles: A Flatlands village, and currently led by Lord August. During the curse years the entire village was moved with August to Belegonia, where he provided shelter for them. After the curse is lifted they return to Lumatere and begin to rebuild the village. 

Sennington: A Flatlands village, and originally led by Lady Beatriss. After the ruined fields are unable to yield any crops, it becomes a place of learning.     

Fenton: A Flatlands village​, and led by Lord Selric before his demise. After the reunification of Lumatere it is auctioned to decide who will be the new lord. Lady Beatriss wins the auction and thus becomes Lady of Fenton. 

Tressor: The River village where Trevanion and Lady Abian were born and raised. Its people were killed during the Sarnak massacre. For three years after the curse is lifted it remains abandoned at the orders of the Queen, but eventually people begin to settle there again.   


Cloister of Lagrami

Cloister of Sagrami (forest)

Cloister of Sagrami (near the Sendecane border): A disused cloister close to where Queen Tilda planted her cherry blossom tree in honour of her youngest child Isaboe. This is where Perri the Savage smuggled Tesadora and the Sagrami novices to during the days of the unspeakable, so that they would be safe from the Impostor King and his men. 


Lumatere is governed by a king or queen. The King/Queen's First Man advises the ruling monarch. The Captain of the Guard is in charge of the King's Guard and the security of the kingdom and royal family. Each Flatlands village is ruled by a Flatland Lord, and each province of Lumatere is ruled by a person chosen by the people of that province.

Current Government

Ruling Monarch: Queen Isaboe

Queen's Consort: Finnikin of the Rock

First Man: Sir Kristofer of the Flatlands

Captain of the Guard: Trevanion of the River

Flatland Lords: Lord August, Lord Nettice, Lord Castian, Lady Beatriss, Lord Freychinat



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