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Welcome to the world of Skuldenore Edit

The magical world of The Lumatere Chronicles is the idea of the genius Australian author Melina Marchetta. Skuldenore, as shown in the photo, is where The Lumatere Chronicles take place. The large part of the trilogy takes place in Lumatere and its neighbouring rival kingdom, Charyn. However, the characters in the novels journey throughout the whole of Skuldenore.

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Finnikin of the Rock

Froi of the Exiles

Quintana of Charyn


- Finnikin of the Rock

- Isaboe of Lumatere

- Froi of Lumatere

- Trevanion, Captain of the Lumateran Guard

- Lady Beatriss of the Flatlands

- Lucian of the Monts

- Phaedra of Alonso

- Quintana of Charyn

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