Jasmina is the daughter of Isaboe and Finnikin and princess of Lumatere.

Early Life Edit

She was born a year after the reunification of Lumatere.She is titled Jasmina of the River after her grandfather, Trevanion, one of the last people of his River village, Tressor. She is named after one of Isaboe's elder sisters, Jasmina, who was slain in the palace during the days of the unspeakable.

When Jasmina was born, Isaboe begged Finnkin to promise her that should Charyn ever make another attack on Lumatere, Finnikin would kill Jasmina to prevent her from suffering the same fate as Isaboe's family.

Personality Edit

Being only two years old, Jasmina is very naive and ignorant. She is said to have inherited Trevanion's temperament, which greatly concerns her parents. Jasmina is also very spoiled, which makes her prone to tantrums that can supposedly be heard from the Rock Village and even Isaboe admitted that she is the worst behaved child in Lumatere. She has also been described as not being one for sharing, as Finnikin noted that when children of his village would embrace him or hold his hand, Jasmina's eyes would narrow, because she believes that Finnikin only belongs to Isaboe and herself. Jasmina is generally a sweet and lively girl and both of her parents are confident that she will grow up to be smarter than them both.

Appearance Edit

Jasmina has Finnikin's face and Isaboe's dark hair. The people of the Rock Village call her 'Little Bartolina' because of her strong resemblance to Finnikin's late mother, Bartolina.

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