Character Description
Age around 40
Gender Female
Title Tesadora of the Forest Dwellers
Ethnicity Lumateran (Forest Dwellers) and Charynite (Serkers)
Alias The White Which


Serker Eyes (by Quintana)

Physical Description
Hair Colour White (originally brown/gold)
Eye Colour Dark
Height Short
Mother Seranonna of the Forest Dwellers (Deceased)
Father Unknown (from Serker province in Charyn)
Significant Other Perri the Savage (Lover)
Allegiance Lumateran Royal Palace (to Isaboe)

Charyn Royal Palace (to Quintana)

Cloister of Lagrami and Sagrami

Residence Either the Cloister in the forest (with the novices) or in the Valley of Phaedra

Tesadora is the beloved friend of Isaboe , Lady Beatriss and Lady Abian. She lives with the novices, such as Japhra, and dedicates her time to healing and taking care of those who are sick or injured. During the curse, Tesadora was trapped within the Kingdom and took charge of the protecting the novices of Sagrami and Lagrami, and later some of the girls of Lumatere from the Imposter King's army. During this time she began to walk the sleep with Vestie and Isaboe, in order to protect Vestie's innocence from the horrors that dwelled in people's dreams, and as a result her hair turned white from the horrors she saw when she walked the sleep.

As a child Tesadora was shunned by her mother's people- the Forest Dwellers ( a minority group in Lumatere) for being half Charynite. During the time of exile and afterwards, many feared her as she was the daughter of the woman who cursed the kingdom, and was commonly referred to as the "white witch". This image was further heightened by Tesadora's bluntness and at times ruthlessness.

Although never mentioned by Tesadora, it is common knowledge that Perri the Savage - the second in charge of the Lumateran Guard - is her lover. In Quintana of Charyn, it was revealed that she and Perri had been childhood rivals and fought viciously (he once held her head underwater for three minutes, and she was the one who gave him the scar across his face). However it was also revealed that they had been lovers since they were fifteen years old (they had a no-strings-attached relationship) and on the day of the Charynite weeping, she miscarried. Perri believed she deliberately killed their baby and thus ended their relationship. However during the days of the unspeakable he came back to hide Tesadora and the novices, proving he still held some affection for her. He did not cross her path for another ten years as they were separated by the curse, but once Lumatere was reclaimed again they restarted their relationship, but never acknowledged or spoke of the violence of their past. At this time Perri believed that Froi was his and Tesadora's son (due to his closeness with Froi and Froi's resemblence to Tesadora) and that Tesadora lied about miscarrying the child. However he never mentioned this to her, and later he was heartbroken to discover that Froi was not his son and that Tesadora had actually miscarried their child. Froi's resemblance to Tesadora was due to their shared Serker blood, and Perri's closeness to Froi was because he was the lastborn of Charyn (and all men and women who lost a child that day had a closeness to Froi and Quintana of Charyn as the spirits of their lost children resided within them).  

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