The Priestking is the current religious leader of Lumatere. He appears in all three novels and has a large role in Quintana of Charyn.


Early LifeEdit

The Priestking became Blessed Barakah as a young man. Not much is known about his childhood, except that he once desired godhood and later speaks of this as childish folly. Before the unspeakable, he revelled in his role and the riches it brought him. However, during the five days of the unspeakable the Priestking took shelter in the Valley of Tranquillity, knowing as he did that Sagrami worshippers were burning at the stake who could have been saved had he been brave enough to hide them in his home and claim sanctuary for them. Out of guilt the Priestking retreated into a fever camp wanting to die, but as Finnikin of Lumatere said 'the Goddess had cursed him to live'.

In Finnikin of the RockEdit

The Priestking is first introduced in a fever camp where he has spent ten years in exile. After meeting Evanjalin, Finnikin, Trevanion and Sir Topher he agrees to lead the people back to Lumatere with them. Following Trevanion's orders, he leads the healthy exiles in the fever camp to Belegonia to claim sanctuary at Lord August's home, where he participates in the discussion concerning the five days of the unspeakable and Seranonna's curse.

In Lastaria the Priestking finds a group of exiles from the village of Ignatoe, who refuse to return to Lumatere out of guilt for what they did during the unspeakable. The Priestking refuses to leave without them until Evanjalin convinces him to leave them.

The Priestking becomes acquainted with Froi during their travels together and has a hand in his education. At the crossroads he becomes ill with fever alongside Evanjalin, and is dying. During this time he dreams that Froi holds the future of Lumatere in his hands. However, Evanjalin cuts herself to bleed and walk the sleep and manages to locate with help from healers inside Lumatere plants to heal herself and the Priestking.

After the reunification of Lumatere the Priestking settles in a modest cottage in the Flatlands and continues to tutor Froi, sensing that Froi is special in some way. Just days after his return to Lumatere he is brought to meet Arjuro of Abroi, a Charynite Priestling, and petitions his release on religious grounds.

The Priestking attends the celebration of the reunification of Lumatere and promises to sing the song of Lumatere if Finnikin proposes to Queen Isaboe. The Priestking fulfils that promise, and the novel ends with the Priestking singing the song of Lumatere as Isaboe, Lucian and Finnikin look on.

In Froi of the Exiles Edit

In Quintana of Charyn Edit

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