Queen Tilda was the mother of Isaboe who was murdered in the palace during the days of the unspeakable. 

Queen Tilda of Lumatere
Character Description
Name Queen Tilda of Lumatere
Age 40s
Gender female
Title Queen Tilda of Lumatere
Ethnicity Lumateran Mont
Physical Description
Skin colour olive
Hair Colour dark
Eye Colour dark
Height unknown
Mother Yata
Father unknown
Siblings Saro of the Monts (deceased), three others
Children Princess Evestalina (deceased), Princess Rosemund (deceased), Princess Jasmina (deceased), Prince Balthazar (deceased), Princess Isaboe (now Queen)
Significant Other King Carles of Lumatere (husband)(deceased)
Allegiance Lumatere
Residence Lumateran palace


Early LifeEdit

Tilda grew up in the Lumateran Mountains, and was Yata's fifth child. One day, she caught the attention of the King of Lumatere who fell in love with her. She agreed to marry him and she lived with him in the Palace and bore him five children: Evestalina, Rosemund, Jasmina, Balthazar and Isaboe. Tilda was a good mother to the children and taught them that they were no different from the lowest villager. She would tell them to hold their heads high and accept the inevitable like a villager.

Birth of IsaboeEdit

When Tilda became pregnant with her fifth child, Isaboe, the pregnancy was cursed with illness from the beginning. In the hopes that it would cure the illness, Tilda planted a cherry blossom tree near the Sendecane border and dedicated it to both the Goddess Lagrami and the Goddess Sagrami, hoping it would please the Goddess. It did and Isaboe lived.


Tilda was murdered in the palace during the days of the unspeakable. Before she died, her attackers raped her and her three oldest daughters and forced her husband to watch. 


Tilda had the colouring of the Lumateran Mont people and dark hair and eyes. 


Tilda was described as intelligent and cunning. It is said by Lucian that she married beneath herself by marrying the King. 

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