Tippideux is the older sister of Grijio and the biological child of the farrier who was beheaded in the Citavita. She and Grijio were adopted by De Lancey and raised as his own.


Early LifeEdit

Tippideux's father was the farrier who was slain in the Citavita, and her mother died giving birth to Grijio. Soon after this, they were adopted by Provincaro De Lancey who was full of guilt over his role in their father's death and raised them as his own children. Tippideux and Grijio came to love De Lancey like a father and did not blame him for the events of their parents' deaths.

Froi of the ExilesEdit

Tippideux is first seen when Lirah, Gargarin, Arjuro, Froi and Quintana arrive in De Lancey's home in Paladozza asking for shelter. She is shocked to see them, and unwittingly insults Lirah and Arjuro in her surprise at exactly who was there. When she sees Quintana, however, and realises that the Princess is now Queen and pregnant, she faints.

During Quintana's stay in Paladozza, Tippideux insists on helping Quintana with improving her hairstyle and dress, at which Quintana is visibly annoyed and savage at. She grows accustomed to Quintana's ways quickly, and does not judge her for them. When returning home from a play which featured lewd imagery of Quintana and her father, Tippideux reassures Quintana that she will write a play about Quintana and her faithful friend Tippideux, and that Quintana would be strangely intriguing, with 'a touch of mystery and savagery that will bewitch only the bold and courageous'.

Tippideux takes part in the boys' plan to ferry Quintana from Paladozza and the people of Avanosh to safety in Turla, and is the one to distract Feliciano so that Quintana and Froi can slip away.

Quintana of CharynEdit

Tippideux spends the majority of her time in Desantos where, under the cover of a false plague, De Lancey and those of Desantos are gathering an army. When she hears of Olivier's betrayal, she swears never to trust him again, or any other man besides her father and brother. After Quintana's return to the palace she goes to the godshouse to help Arjuro and Lirah treat the hysterical pregnant women Quintana accidently sent their way.

Appearance     Edit

Tippideux is described as very beautiful. She has fair hair and skin and blue eyes. Quintana swears that she is the most beautiful girl in Charyn.


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