Zabat first appears in Froi of the Exiles. He escorts Froi to the Citavita where he would meet up with Gargarin of Abroi. He is insufferably boring and is always complaining about something. He hates the gods' blessed and the lastborns because they are more privileged than himself.

Zabat of Nebia
Character Description
Name Zabat of Nebia
Age unknown
Gender male
Title Zabat of Nebia
Ethnicity Charynite
Alias none
Physical Description
Allegiance Bestiano and Palace Riders

Priests of Trist (formerly)


Zabat escorts Froi to the base of the gravina outside the Citavita. Later he betrays Rafuel and his men to the street lords, and Froi kills him because he is a threat to Lumatere.


Zabat is a whiner. He is constantly complaining about something, whether it is the lastborns or Rafuel of Sebastabol. He is envious of others that have more privileges. 

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